About Me

Hi 👋🏼, My name is Leom

I'm passionate about developers, and the developer community serves as a place where I can express myself. In the community, "connection," "collaboration," and "knowledge" are shared for the growth of others. A little bit about my career journey:
  • Graphic Designer

    My first encounter with a computer was through my love for art. I learned by doing and watching others. For 2 years, I watched people design using different design software, but I couldn't relate until I was able to get a laptop of my own. People paid for the value I offered them through my design skills. I was also able to go into UI design using Figma.
  • No-Code

    After some research, I bumped into No-Code, and I took advantage. I learned how to build a basic website for businesses and individuals without writing any code using WordPress. I grew my skills by writing custom codes, styles, and functions to improve the no-code applications. I also tried out other no-code tools.
  • Frontend Development

    As the year passed into my IT journey, I fell in love with frontend, so I decided to focus on it. I interned at Reedax, where I was able to use my frontend skills to build different applications. I am skilled at using Javascript, ReactJS, NextJs, AstroJs, EJS, NodeJs, ExpressJs, Firebase, Git, and Docker, just to mention a few.
  • and the journey continued

    While I was learning different skills, the community was involved. Hence my passion for community, contributing through articles, speaking engagement, and mentorship. Over the years, I have been able to lead different community initiatives and organize small and large-scale developer events.
devfest abuja 2023 cross section
Ayodele, answering a question at a google community summit
Ayodele speaking at a keynote panel discussion


In my experience, hosting of a major conference for community managers across Africa for two consecutive years. Coordinated events for the Google Developer Programs, attracting over 2,000 physical attendees and enhancing brand exposure. The image on the first frame was a cross-section of the Google Devfest 2023 in Abuja. Below it, I was answering a question at a Google community summit. In the third picture, I was taking a keynote panel discussion with Timothy Ovie (left) and Tabitha Kavyu (right) discussing the evolution of community at the 2023 Community Manager Festival. If you want me to speak at your event, get in touch with me (click the button below)